An Introduction

18 02 2010

Well hello. Somehow you have stumbled on my blog. Either you’ve searched for it, found a link to it on a social networking site or you’ve been sneakily redirected from a Russian Amputee Brides website. How you got here doesn’t matter. You’re here now. Feel free to comment on any of my blogs or send me an email. I’m a nice guy, you’ll see…although I do get a little grabby after a couple of gin and tonics. You’ve been warned.

My name is Andy Thompson and I am a comedian, writer, engineer and general roustabout from Brisbane, Australia. This blog is a place where I can vent. A place where I can post one of the many extremely amusing anecdotes from the 40+ years I have spent on this planet. Like that time I got terrifically drunk and got into an argument with a homeless man but then reconciled our differences and ended up dancing together to Sinatra in the glow of the sepia toned streetlights. Woo-ee. Fun times…




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